Ewa Ryczko

Legal Counsel

About me


I am an attorney-at-law, a member of Warsaw Bar Association. I provide legal assistance in the area of family law. I am representing the clients before the court in any family cases.

At the daily practice I am dealing with divorce cases, protection and enforcement of parental access rights, as well spousal alimony and maintenance cases. I assist in the processes of drafting and negotiating the prenuptial and postnuptial marital agreements, but also in dividing the assets and family businesses as a result of a divorce or marital agreements. I am also capable of assisting with international family law legal matters.

I have many years of practical experience in representing clients in proceedings within the scope of civil law.

Who is an attorney-at-law in Poland?

The profession of an attorney at law (radca prawny) is one of the legal professions in Poland who is licensed to practice law.

Attorneys at law provide legal services and legal assistance in individual and legal entities cases. Legal assistance includes, without limitation, rendering legal advice or consultation, rendering legal opinions, legal representation and litigation representation. Attorneys at law can act as legal representatives before any court in Poland including the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Tribunal, the Supreme Administrative Court, but also before the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights. Starting from 1 July 2015 attorney at law may also act as defense attorney in criminal proceedings.

Each attorney at law must be a member of a Bar Association.


If you are interested in locate or verify any particular attorney at law in Poland, please visit the search platform on the website of the National Assembly of Attorneys at law at: https://rejestrradcow.pl/Home/Index



  1. Divorce
  2. Separation
  3. Cases concerning the matrimonial property regimes (court removal of the matrimonial community of property; contractual changes of the regimes; deprivation of the spouse independent management of joint property.
  4. Division of joint property (contractual and court division; preparation and negotiation of the terms; settlement of expenses in marriage and partnership)
  5. Spousal alimony and child maintenance (establishment of maintenance obligation and changes in maintenance obligation; termination of maintenance obligation)
  6. Parental authority (deprivation and limitation of parental authority; determination of major issue regarding the child; preparing and negotiation of the parental agreements; modification of child custody)
  7. Establishing paternity and maternity
  8. Child relocation
  9. Visiting rights (parent-child contacts; grandparents access; visitation schedules)
  10. International child abduction
  11. Cohabitation – regulation of property issues in partnerships; preparing and negotiation of the agreements; non-marital property division, estate planning
  12. Domestic violence